ICT enthusiasts and professionals join forces to bring innovation to the international market

The project contributes to the objectives of the EU Agenda on Migration by establishing a well-managed labour mobility programme for young students or graduates that is mutually beneficial to both participating countries – Moldova and Slovakia, and it will last until February, 2024.

Staying focused on objectives for the most spectacular results

“Digi Talents”, as a mobility and career advancement programme between Slovakia and Moldova, aims to:

The organisations behind the “Digi Talents” programme


A Slovak NGO active in the field of labour and student’s mobility and development aid. EMA will be responsible for the administration, overall management and coordination of the project, as well as the cooperation of the Slovak and Moldovan partners.

An organisation established by the Ministry of Finance and IT Association of Slovakia to serve the public interest by strengthening digital skills, addressing the shortage of IT specialists and preparing digital transformation.

Promotes the development of the ICT sector in the Republic of Moldova through viable partnerships between private companies, state institutions and international organisations in order to enhance the competitiveness and development of the sector and company capacities, enlarge the market, attract investments in the country and participate in the decision making and regulatory process on the national and international level.