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How to apply for the programme

How will it work? All you need to do is apply! HR experts from renowned recruitment agencies in Moldova and Slovakia will be invited to cooperate in order to ensure the quality of candidates selected and minimise any risk of corruption, in 4 steps:

Send in your application highlighting your education, professional experience, English, and IT proficiency. These will be processed by our HR experts. If you meet all criteria, you will be invited to take admission tests.

You will take a test to establish your knowledge of English and programming skills. If you meet the minimum requirements, you will be eligible to join the programme and the Talent incubator #1 in Chisinau or Cahul.

You will attend trainings throughout a period of 6 weeks, at the end of which you will need to pass a test. Successful candidates will receive certificates and move to the next step.

You will be matched with a suitable ICT company in Slovakia. The matching process will be based on your preferences outlined in a dedicated questionnaire, your test results and an in-person or online interview.


Programme overview

Digital Explorers takes you to Slovakia, going through a real ICT boom with multinationals and Slovakian companies launching new products, tech hubs and fintech and blockchain transforming businesses and everyday lives of Lithuanians, from transport to banking, from e-commerce to e-government. To put it simply, Slovakia’s booming ICT ecosystem is the destination to experience European ICT culture from the inside and get inspired for your future ICT journeys.

Find more information about the Digi Talents programme here. 

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