Frequently Asked Questions

About the Programme

“Digi Talents” is a job mobility and career advancement programme between Slovakia and Moldova, focused on labour migration and economic exchange between the ICT sectors of the two countries. It was created especially for young Moldovan talents (students and graduates) starting their careers in the ICT sector. 

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The team behind this complex and fun project:

  • EMA – Development and Mobility Agency (EMA) – a Slovak NGO active in the field of labour and student’s mobility and development aid 
  • Digital Coalition (DC) – an organisation established by the Ministry of Finance and IT Association of Slovakia to serve the public interest by strengthening digital skills, addressing the shortage of IT specialists and preparing digital transformation 
  • Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) – promotes the development of the ICT sector in the Republic of Moldova through viable partnerships between the private companies, state institutions, and international organisations in order to enhance the competitiveness and development of the sector
  • Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA), Slovakia 
  • Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatisation (MIRRI), Slovakia 
  • ORANGE Slovakia 
  • ESET (Global Cybersecurity company with headquarters in Slovakia)
  • Technical University of Moldova (TUM) 
  • Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure (MEI), Moldova 
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Moldova 
  • ORANGE Moldova 


The programme is funded by the European Union (EU) within the Migration Partnership Facility initiative (MPF), which supports various types of mobility projects between EU Member States and specific partner countries outside the EU, including Moldova. 

This programme can really change your life! It is an amazing, cost–free opportunity for your career and personal development and we will support you throughout the entire process. 

You will benefit from: a fulfilling ICT journey in Slovakia, great working conditions & environment, a legal labour mobility programme, a 12 month-employment or a 3-month internship, health and social insurance, liability insurance for damages arising during employment, cost-free support, assistance with a temporary residence permit for employment in Slovakia, a place of residence (accommodation, local transport, city orientation, culture, etc.) and specialized courses.

You can choose between two options when to join the programme, which means there will be two different application deadlines. After applying, a thorough selection process will take place and successful candidates will be matched with Slovak ICT companies. Following a 6-week specialised ICT and language training, 50 selected participants will travel to Slovakia for a 12-month employment or a 3-month internship. After completing the work or internship, they will return to Moldova to profit from further ICT training or continuous support with reintegration in the Moldovan labour market. Five selected candidates will also benefit from mentoring and financial support with their start-up ideas.

During the journey, participants will gain a priceless experience abroad, create a lasting collaboration, explore new places, improve their skills, and develop know-how.

 Digi Talents is completely free of charge.

Becoming a Digi Talent

 You are the perfect candidate if:

  • You hold a valid Moldovan biometric passport
  • You are a graduate of the ICT-related fields with at least 1 year of work experience, if you are interested in employment 
  • You are a student or graduate of the ICT fields (up to 2 years after graduation), if you are interested in internship
  • You are a young professional
  • You are strongly motivated to be part of “Digi Talents” and willing to engage in the whole process
  • You would like to gain practical knowledge, skills and working experience abroad and use it back in Moldova
  • You are able to relocate to Slovakia for a 12-month job or a 3-month internship 
  • More details on the eligibility criteria can be found in our information brochure.

To join the programme, you should be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 disease by a vaccine authorised for use in the EU and have a confirmation thereof unless vaccination is not possible due to medical reasons or you have a valid certificate of overcoming the COVID-19 disease.

The official language of the programme is English, and this will also be your working language. This is why all participants should possess English skills at least on the B1 level. However, language courses are included in the support available for the selected participants so do not hesitate to apply even if you still need to improve.

Please refer to the timeline of the programme to see what the difference is.

 Yes, if you pass all the stages of the selection process and if your profile is matched with the needs of an ICT company involved in the programme.

We cannot guarantee you to get your position of choice. The kind of position that you get offered is up to the companies. However, when making their decisions, the companies will see your professional profile including your preferences, which they will match with their needs and decide accordingly.

You can apply for the programme with a Romanian passport if you also have a Moldovan biometric passport. You can have both passports, but we will only look at whether you have a Moldovan passport. Make sure not to confuse citizenship, nationality, and residence. The programme is only taking into consideration your citizenship, meaning the passport you have.

Your English should be at least on the B1 level. This level is required to be able to participate in the Digi Talents programme and understand its technicalities, to undergo specialised ICT courses and have English as your working language once you are in Slovakia. If you are not sure about your English language skills, don´t worry. We will establish the level of your English by a test within the selection process. You will also have the chance to improve your English by participating in our language courses, which are part of the programme. So, if you are interested in the programme, we encourage you to apply!

You will be able to express your preference within the application and selection process. The ICT companies involved in the programme will receive a shortlist of candidates that will be based on the results of the IT tests, English test, CV, and motivation. Based on these, the ICT companies will perform interviews and decide to who they want to offer the employment contract. In case you receive two or more offers from different companies, you can decide which one you would like to accept.

The programme welcomes young ICT professionals and students of ICT fields. The age limit of 30 years is one of the application criteria. However, if you are interested to enter the Digi Talents programme and keen on upgrading your professional career, we still encourage you to apply. Every application will be assessed individually, and participants chosen mainly by their motivation, ability to learn, skills and experience.

It is not mandatory to be a student. The programme targets two categories of applicants – (1) ICT students or graduates without work experience, who can use the possibility of a 3-month internship, and (2) graduates of ICT-related fields or ICT specialists with work experience, who can benefit from a 12-month employment experience. Therefore, you can also be a young ICT professional or a graduate to take advantage of the programme.

Yes. PhD. students are welcomed in our programme if they meet all application criteria. 

Yes, we encourage you to apply even if you have “only” a specialized IT skill. Every application will be reviewed and assessed individually.

If you meet all application criteria, but you acquired your ICT education through courses rather than university study, we would still encourage you to apply. In such case, make sure to submit the relevant certificates or documentation proving your ICT qualification. You can do so by uploading relevant documents directly in the application form, under question 25. A great benefit of the programme is that you will be able to further upgrade your ICT skills and knowledge in all three Talent Incubators.

Previous work experience is required if you are interested in the 12-month employment in an ICT company in Slovakia. In this case, you need to prove you have at least a one-year work experience. Work experience is not necessary when you want to apply for the 3-month internship. 

When applying for the programme, we strongly encourage you to mention and submit proof of all projects you have implemented, and which you are proud of.

It is only mandatory to submit a CV, not a motivation letter. For the CV, please use the website and the Executive template. Creating your CV in line with this website should be fast and user-friendly. 

Yes please! When applying for the programme, we strongly encourage you to submit proof of all projects you have implemented, you have been developing and which you are proud of. These can help you get selected and matched with your desired position or company. You can share it with us by uploading relevant documents directly in the application form, under question 25. 

Once you are admitted into the programme, we will add you to the closest Talent Incubator group available, so that you can start as soon as possible. The Talent Incubator is expected to last 4-6 weeks.

All the training within the Talent Incubator No.1 (ICT course, language course and pre-departure orientation session) is planned to take place in person/off-line in Chisinau. If personal attendance is not possible due to COVID-19 or other justified reasons, such as big travel distance, the courses will be held on-line. The off-line courses may be organized in a location other than Chisinau, if a group of applicants taking the same course forms in such location. Regardless of the arrangement, you will still need to meet us in Chisinau for certain formalities, such as signing the Agreement.

No, not necessarily. Depending on the candidates´ profiles, the ICT companies can offer different types of positions. Your motivation, qualification and experience might impress an ICT company so much that they will offer you a non-junior position. 

Moving, working and living in Slovakia

No, Moldovan citizens holding biometric passports do not need a visa to go to Slovakia. However, in case of employment, you will need to apply for a residence permit after you arrive in Slovakia. We will provide you with all the necessary information, guidance and support in this process. The residence permit will be valid only for the company and position in line with your job offer.

Yes, travel to Slovakia and back to Moldova will be covered by the programme.

We will ensure your temporary accommodation in shared dormitories during the first 8 weeks starting on the day of your arrival to Slovakia, at programme’s expense. Following this initial period, you will be expected to find and pay for your permanent accommodation, while we will be happy to provide you with guidance and information throughout this process. 

Yes, of course. All participants will get health and social insurance, but also a liability insurance for damages arising during employment. Apart from that, you will have a travel health insurance for your journey from Moldova to Slovakia and a commercial health insurance during the period before you start your employment or internship.

Due to a favourable combination of business advantages, Slovakia has become an attractive destination for ICT investors. The ICT sector has a solid position in the Slovak economy, which is demonstrated by a strong presence of foreign-owned companies, as well as dynamically growing domestic companies. You will have the opportunity to work in leading ICT companies and learn more from the experts in this field.

Yes of course, participants of this programme with employment contracts will be remunerated for their work in Slovakia. You will receive a monthly salary according to the average salary scale for the IT sector in Slovakia. The ICT companies involved in the programme will transparently inform about the offered salaries during the matchmaking process, so you will have all the necessary information to make your decision.


The timeline of the project is set, however, we will do our best to accommodate individual needs after the matchmaking process. In general, there are two application rounds (deadline in December 2021 or April 2022) and thus you can choose which period suits you better. Please refer to the timeline of the programme to see what the difference is.

You can bring your partner, spouse, kids, or other family member(s) with you, but you will be responsible for all their paperwork, legislative formalities, accommodation, and related costs. 

Have in mind that your family may need to apply for residence and meet relevant residence requirements if they wish to stay with you during your entire stay in Slovakia. The type of residence status they can seek and conditions they will need to meet depends on several factors, such as their citizenship, activities they wish to perform and the exact type of your residence status in Slovakia. In general, they could either apply for residence derived from your status in Slovakia or apply for their own residence status which is not linked to yours. 

We are happy to provide you with information on options related to your family member´s residence, but we recommend you inform us about any such personal arrangements in advance.

Traveling, making friends, exploring new places and the Slovak culture are on the list of this journey. We will make sure it won’t be only about work, you will also have fun. You can have a look at this short video

The programme has two application rounds, and the deadlines are fixed (December 2021 or April 2022). This means you can choose between these two options. Please refer to the timeline of the programme to see what the difference is. We understand that university studies are both important and difficult, therefore the programme focuses on ICT students of finishing years and on graduates, both of bachelor and master’s degrees. 

However, if your motivation to join the programme is strong although you are still a student of lower years, we recommend arranging your study plan with your university individually. The Digi Talents team will support you with all the necessary documents but is not able to negotiate with universities. 

Four great ICT companies have already become partners of the programme – ESET, Soitron, Simplicity, and Anasoft – so this is where you might gain your 12-month employment or 3-month internship experience. The Digi Talents team is continuously in negotiations with other companies in Slovakia, so keep an eye on this section to see who comes on board! 

Yes, your place of work and place of accommodation will be the same. The ICT companies which have so far joined the programme are all seated in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. 

Many people from the older generation in Slovakia do speak at least some Russian. This is not the case for younger people, who usually have English, German, or French as their second language. However, Slovak and Russian are both Slavic languages, so there are some similarities. Also, you can find communities of Russians and people from other post-Soviet countries all around Slovakia.

We will ensure your temporary accommodation in shared dormitories during the first 8 weeks starting on the day of your arrival to Slovakia, at programme’s expense. Following this initial period, you will be expected to find and pay for your permanent accommodation, while we will be happy to provide you with guidance and information throughout this process. Whether you live alone or share your accommodation with someone else will be only up to you, your preference and how much you will want to spend.

In general, companies require people to work in the office. However, companies may impose specific rules for working from home due to COVID-19. This means you might spend part of the working week/month in the office and part at home. Regardless of COVID-19, some companies may also offer home office as a benefit to their employees. Specific arrangements, whether you will be working from home or not and in what extent, will depend on the concrete company and/or the COVID-19 situation. 

In any case, the programme is looking for people who will travel to Slovakia and will be working on-sight, in their companies´ offices. 

There is no time flexibility in terms of freely deciding when to come to Slovakia. You can choose between two time slots, which are linked to the two different application deadlines. The first deadline is 31 December 2021, with expected arrival to Slovakia in April 2022. The second deadline is planned for April 2022, with expected arrival to Slovakia in July 2022.  

Coming back to Moldova

In every case, you will return to Moldova. Students will resume their studies and graduates will take advantage of our continued assistance with integration in the labour market. The reintegration plan has two components:

1. 8-week Talent Incubator (Chisinau and Cahul) within which you will benefit from:

  • Specialised ICT courses and/or
  • Support with finding a job in an ICT company

2. 5 selected participants with the potential to develop their own ICT start-ups in Moldova will be provided with:

  • guidance from an experienced Slovak tech coach
  • specialised training focused on the development of entrepreneurial skills
  • provision of start-up grants of 4000 EUR
  • support for participation in the start-up program within EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul

If you wish to continue with your studies in a diffferent country, you may do that. We will try to do our best to give you further support online and to ensure that you have access to the ICT courses“.

We are aware of the issue of brain-drain in Moldova and certainly do not want to contribute to it. Quite the opposite – the Digi Talents is a circular labour mobility programme offering young Moldovan ICT talents a foreign working experience, which they will be able to benefit from and build upon back in Moldova. This is why all programme participants have the same condition – to return back to Moldova after finishing the 12-month employment in Slovakia. Once back in Moldova, they will be offered additional ICT training and support in order to successfully reintegrate in the Moldovan labour market. Additional motivation will be specialised assistance with establishing their own ICT start-up and providing funding of up to 4000 EUR to selected participants.